Thursday, January 17, 2008

11:30 a.m.- Couple indicted for child abuse

11:30 a.m.- Couple indicted for child abuseBy Stephanie Godlewski Pacific Daily News
11:30 a.m. Jan. 18— The couple magistrated in the Superior Court of Guam for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamines in front of their children were both indicted on six counts of child abuse. Christene Duenas and Joshua Ulloa were indicted yesterday. According the magistrates complaint the two left six children ages 1 to 17 in a poorly ventilated home while making ice. The two were arrested after the Drug Enforcement Administration searched a house in Asan while apprehending a fugitive. There have not been any drug related charges brought against the couple yet in the District Court of Guam.The children were handed over to Child Protective Services who has a standing policy of not commenting on cases.
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