Baby Found In Backpack
POSTED: 3:31 pm PDT August 1, 2008
UPDATED: 4:32 pm PDT August 1, 2008

SAN DIEGO -- A woman accused of killing her baby faced a judge Friday as prosecutors detailed her alleged crime.
Julie Reynolds, 36, was arraigned on one count of first-degree murder. She pleaded not guilty.
Reynolds was arrested in connection with the case on Wednesday. Reynolds, who is originally from Colorado, came to Rancho Penasquitos, along with her five children, ages 18 months to 15 years old, at the request of her sister and brother-in-law, prosecutors said.
Deputy District Attorney Tracy Prior alleged Reynolds hid her pregnancy, denying it when her family asked her directly if she was pregnant. The couple became suspicious after they noticed she had lost weight, Prior said. The brother-in-law noticed blood on the carpet and later found bloody towels in their trash can.
At that point he notified police, Prior said. When officers arrived, Reynolds took them to a bedroom and the newborn's remains were found in a black backpack.
The prosecutor said the boy, 6 pounds, 19 inches long, had been smothered by his mother's hand. Prior said Reynolds has a documented history with Child Protective Services in two states other than California.
Reynolds is being held at Las Colinas Detention Facility on $1 million bail. Her five other children are now in the custody of child protective services.
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Contact: George Raudenbush, Christian Citizens against Corruption, 423-337-1896

TELLICO PLAINS, Tenn., Aug. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Tennessee Constitution, Article X, Section 1, provides that every person chosen for any office of trust must take an oath to "support the Constitution of this State and of the United States, and an oath of office."

On October 23, 2007, Detective Tonia Norwood filed a complaint of child neglect against Angela K. Morgan. Fifty four days later, Mrs. Morgan was arrested and charged with neglect for abandonment. Subsequently the children were placed back in Mrs. Morgan's care. That was when Mr. Morgan discovered pronounced strap marks and bruising on his 2 year old son. Mr. Morgan reported this to Tosha Cook, a case worker for the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. Reports of burns, bruising and abuse were documented by law enforcement officials, teachers, counselors, medical professionals, and care givers after the children had returned from their mother's custody. According to public documents and records, Millicent Thomas of Tennessee's Child Protective Services and Department of Children's Services has been negligent in performing her duties in protecting Mr. Morgan's children.

Mr. Morgan found no relief for his children with Tennessee Child Protective Services and the abuse continued, so he contacted Congressman John J. Duncan, his district elected representative. Congressman Duncan responded with an enclosed letter from Commissioner Viola E. Miller who stated "I can assure you that the concerns have been thoroughly investigated and my staff has taken appropriate action in regards to this case." Robert Bob Jolly is the appointed Guardian Ad Litem for the children. According to Mr. Morgan, "Mr. Jolly has participated in the abuse by ignoring the numerous reports and pleas for help from my children. All the evidence points to these officials not doing their jobs."

It appears public officials including Commissioner Viola E. Miller, Millicent Thomas, a Supervisor for Child Protective Services and Guardian Ad Litem Robert Jolly have neglected their oaths to serve and protect.

The contact person above, George Raudenbush, is a spokesman for Christian Citizens against Corruption, a state representative for F.I.J.A., Fully Informed Juries Association, and National Missions Coordinator for Appalachian Youth Missions.

Every American citizen is endowed with an inherent right and responsibility to hold public officials accountable. For further information visit: www.tnccc.com.

Associated Press
State lawmakers, irked that Child Protective Services doesn't run regular criminal background checks on the vast majority of its employees, say they'll file legislation requiring routine checks.
The lax screening came to light after lawmakers learned of a CPS supervisor's assault conviction and an indecent exposure charge against a caseworker
"The technology has reached the point where there is simply no excuse for people with serious crimes falling through the cracks of our background checks," Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, said in a story Friday in The Dallas Morning News.
Nelson, the Senate's chief social services policy writer, said the state should run FBI fingerprint checks of all new employees who work directly with vulnerable Texans. Lawmakers adopted a law last year that requires such background checks for public school teachers.
Rep. Patrick Rose, D-Dripping Springs, the House's point man for human services programs, criticized CPS' current policy of running Texas background checks on virtually all the people it hires and then rechecking each year for only 250 of its more than 6,600 "direct care delivery" staff.
CPS officials said they would consider changes.
"We are very carefully reviewing our background check policies and will certainly make any adjustments necessary to strengthen those policies," said CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins.
CPS performs annual checks, using a Department of Public Safety criminal history database, of its 250 "foster/adoption development" workers. They recruit and train about one quarter of the state's foster parents.
But there are no follow ups on about 2,000 child-abuse investigators, 1,600 "conservatorship workers" who work with children removed from their birth families and 750 "family-based safety services workers" who try to stabilize troubled families.
CPS simply mandates they report to supervisors any brushes they have with the law: arrests, indictments and court dispositions involving criminal offenses.
"Clearly, relying on self-reporting is not prudent," Rose said. "I don't think it takes the adequate precautions we need for the safety of our children."
The lawmakers said they'll file legislation to fix the problem next session, which begins in January.
Late Wednesday, KEYE-TV in Austin reported that of more than 9,000 employees at CPS and its parent agency, the Department of Family and Protective Services, some 370 had criminal convictions. Most were for driving under the influence and writing hot checks.
Those offenses aren't a bar to being hired for state protective services work, Crimmins said.
The report said a CPS supervisor in El Paso pleaded guilty to assault with bodily injury to one of his family members and violation of a protective order. Crimmins said the supervisor, following CPS policy, reported his arrest to supervisors.
Also, an Austin child-abuse investigator was arrested in 1998, a year after he was hired by CPS, for indecent exposure in a public park, The employee later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct and paid a $500 fine, KEYE said.
Nelson and Rose say they support FBI fingerprint checks, which cost about $44 each, of all prospective state workers dealing with sensitive populations.
CPS only uses the FBI's national database to check on job applicants who haven't lived in Texas for at least three years.
Rose also said that at a minimum, there should be annual criminal background checks by DPS of all CPS direct care staff. Those checks, which involve running a name through a computer, cost $1 each.

by Jourdan Rassas and Lindsey Collom - Aug. 1, 2008 10:39 AM
The Arizona Republic
The infant abandoned at a Phoenix church on Thursday is in great condition and on her way to Arizona's Child Protective Services, official said Friday morning.
During a morning press conference, Maricopa County Medical Center and Phoenix Fire Department officials praised the child's mother for taking advantage of the state's Safe Haven law, under which an infant up to 72 hours old can be dropped off at churches, hospitals and fire stations, with no questions asked.
'The darkest hour in a baby's life is when the mother doesn't know what to do," said Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Kahn.
The child, believed to be less than 48 hours old, will go through the same adoption process that other children in CPS custody go through, said Kote Chundu, chairman of pediatrics for the medical center.
Chundu said the child was in excellent condition and was well dressed when she was found.
A teacher walking to work at Wilson Primary School found the baby shortly before 7 a.m. on a bench outside St. Mark's Catholic Church near 30th and Fillmore streets. The girl was wearing a pink jumper, wrapped in a towel and lying inside a baby carrier.
"She was very clean," said Rosie Bernal, a Wilson School social worker who made the call to 911 at the request of the teacher. "You could see that someone took the time. Someone loved her enough to put clothes on her."
The Safe Haven law ensures that parents will not face child-abuse charges for leaving an unharmed newborn with a safe-haven provider. Officials said the mother won't be sought out.

The Anaheim Hills couple is accused of abusing their 15-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son by binding their wrists and ankles, authorities say.
The Orange County Register
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FULLERTON – An Anaheim Hills couple appeared in court Thursday in a case of child abuse that one prosecutor said was one of the worst she'd seen.

Kimberly Joy Quebe, 48, and John Herman Quebe, 47, are charged with abusing their two children by binding their wrists and ankles and leaving them tied up for hours at a time.

Following their arraignment at the North Justice Center in Fullerton, Deputy District Attorney Christine Simmons said: “In all my years as a prosecutor, I've never seen anything even close to this. The children are nowhere near age-appropriate; they act younger, and they are very pale.”

Susan Schroeder, spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office, said later that though the case is not the county's worst, “It breaks your heart.” Referring to the son, she added, “That's the only life he remembers.”
The couple, married for 21 years, have lived in Anaheim Hills for six years with their daughter, 15, and son, 11.
On July 18, the Orange County Social Services Agency received an after-hours call reporting the children had been at a community pool a week earlier and had restraint marks and bruising on their wrists and ankles. Anaheim police went to the Quebes’ home that night after being contacted by Social Services but were unable to talk to anyone.
Three days later, Anaheim police returned to the home and discovered the children had dark binding marks and scarring on their wrists and ankles, the District Attorney’s Office said. Both children were taken into protective custody by Social Services.
The Quebes are each charged with: 62 felonies for 21 counts of false imprisonment by violence; 21 counts of child abuse; 18 counts of corporal injury on a child with great bodily injury; and two counts of torture.
If convicted, they each face a maximum sentence of life in prison.
Thursday’s hearing was continued until Aug. 22. The Quebes are at Orange County Jail on $1 million bail each.
The couple are accused of physically and verbally abusing their children for six years by binding their wrists and ankles using tights to punish the children for minor issues, the District Attorney’s Office said. They are accused of leaving the children bound overnight and leaving them to sleep on the floor.
The Quebes are accused of frequently verbally assaulting the children by screaming obscenities and calling them degrading names, according to the District Attorney’s Office.
The Quebes are also accused of refusing to allow other family members to see the children, not sending the children to school under the false pretense of providing home schooling, and rarely allowing them to leave the house.
A neighbor of the Quebes, Joan Hoesterey, said Thursday that she and other neighbors were worried about the Quebe children since the family moved in six years ago.
"You could often hear the mom screaming horrible obscenities at the kids," Hoesterey said. "Since they moved in, it’s just been constant."
Hoesterey said the Quebe children were rarely seen outside the home.
Hoesterey also said her neighbors called police on at least one occasion about yelling coming from the Quebes’ house.
Anaheim Police Sergeant Rick Martinez said he had a record of one call about the Quebe home in the last 2.61/2 years, the furthest he can look at past records. Martinez said that on Sept. 5, 2007, officers responded to a call about a female reportedly yelling at her children using foul language.
"When the officers left, everything appeared OK," he said.
Anyone with information can contact Carol Mona, supervising district attorney investigator, at 714-347-8627.

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