Saturday, May 9, 2009

“My Last Words, Revised”

I Believe,
The time has come for me to move on,
My Breath shall no longer blow,
My Heart shall no longer beat strong.
This Physical Body, I shall leave behind,
But My Soul will finally be free.
There be no more pain and no more misery,
That Child Protection Services, can afflict upon me.

Sadly, I must leave behind, what to me has always meant the most,
Only Because, I know I am not what they need.
They deserve to be happy, not watch me suffer,
So Their much better off, indeed.
So As I prepare, for my long journey Home,
I finally begin to feel some Peace of mind.
Soon, all this will be behind me, and just maybe,
True happiness, On The Other Side, I too, shall find.

But, even so,
I know better than to hold my Breath.
Because with my luck there still wont be any Peace,
Even long after my Sudden Death.
But, really anything would be better than this Hell I am living in,
I am Broken and I am Beaten, and I just give The Fuck Up.
There is no way in Hell,
I can make it through this Again.

All I ever wanted, was a little Justification,
For All The Hell They put me through,
But, since it will be a cold day in Hell for that to happen,
Than to Die is all that there is simply left for me to do.

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