Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rest In Peace Amanda Todd


I am shocked and sickened by the fact that a young girl, with her whole life ahead of her, was pushed to the point of suicide, by ruthless, bullies.  Are you freaking kidding me?  What in the hell have we let this world become.  Everyone of us should feel down out right ashamed for allowing this to happen, again.  How many times are we going to allow this to happen?  Yep, that is what I said, How many times are we going to let this happen?  In my opinion enough really is enough.  If we want to put a stop to this bullying bullshit then we need to take some serious actions for bullying,  period.  Not only if the outcome is the same, and the bullied person commits suicide, but in every case of bullying.  To hell with the warnings, I say immediate criminal action should be taken. The bully is taking the other persons life in their hand and playing judge jury and executioner.  They might as well have a gun in their hand a shoot the other person, hell it would be a lot more humane…  The law really needs to throw the book at these bullies.  Maybe prison time with people who are bigger and better than they are, who could let them know first hand what it is like to be on the receiving hand of bullying.

I don’t know, but what I do know is enough is enough.  There should not have to be any more of this.  I just hope some major changes come around really soon, and Amanda Todd death will not be in vain.

Amanda Todd I pray that you Rest In Peace, Dear Child, and I pray you found comfort back in the arms of the Angels…

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