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These results are current as of: December 31, 2012

Includes selected national organizations that provide agency/member accreditation and/or standard-setting for child welfare-related services. If you are aware of any others, please contact Child Welfare Information Gateway at OrganizationUpdates@childwelfare.gov.
To search for child-welfare related national organizations by topic, use the Related Organizations Search at http://www.childwelfare.gov/organizations/search.cfm.

American Bar Association (ABA)

740 15th Street NW

Washington , DC 20005-1019

(202) 662-1000

(800) 285-2221


http://www.abanet.orgexternal link

General Scope: The ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. ABA publications include a "Consumer's Guide to Legal Help," with lawyer and pro bono attorney locator services.
Training Specific: A portion of the ABA website is dedicated to Education Resources, including continuing legal education and educating the public. For more information, see http://www.abanet.org/education.htmlexternal link.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

CARF, International (CARF)

6951 East Southpoint Road

Tucson , AZ 85756

(520) 325-1044

(520) 318-1129

(888) 281-6531


http://www.carf.orgexternal link

CARF, International, founded as the Commission of Rehabilitation Facilities, is an independent accreditor of health and human services. Through accreditation, CARF assists service providers in improving the quality of their services, demonstrating value, and meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards. The Child and Youth Services accreditation area covers 28 distinct types of programs including those specific to child welfare, behavioral health, and child development.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)


1726 M St. NW, Suite 500

Third Floor

Washington , DC 20036

(202) 688-4200

(202) 833-1689

http://www.cwla.org/external link

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is the oldest national organization serving vulnerable children, youth, and their families. CWLA provides training, consultation, and technical assistance to child welfare professionals and agencies while also educating the public on emerging issues that affect abused, neglected, and at-risk children. Through its publications, conferences, and teleconferences, CWLA shares information on emerging trends, specific topics in child welfare practice (family foster care, kinship care, adoption, positive youth development), and Federal and State policies.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE)

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

112 South Alfred Street

Alexandria , VA 22314

(703) 838-9808

(703) 253-0508


http://www.aamft.org/iMIS15/AAMFT/Education_and_Training/Accreditation/Content/COAMFTE/Accreditation.aspx?hkey=5cb74a42-815a-4b75-9c29-64e5e70f02d5external link

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy's (AAMFT) Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) is a specialized accrediting body that accredits master's degree, doctoral degree, and post-graduate degree clinical training programs in marriage and family therapy throughout the United States and Canada.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

Council on Accreditation Services for Children and Families (COA)

120 Wall Street

11th Floor

New York , NY 10005

(212) 797-3000

(212) 797-1428

(866) 262-8088


http://www.coanet.org/external link

The Council on Accreditation Services for Children and Families, which was founded by the Child Welfare League of America and Family Services of America, is a child and family service and behavioral health care organization. COA promotes best-practice standards, quality services for children, youth and families, and advocates for the value of accreditation.

Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

1725 Duke Street

Suite 500

Alexandria , VA 22314-3457

(703) 683-8080

(703) 683-8099


http://www.cswe.org/external link

The Council on Social Work Education is a partnership of educational and professional institutions, social welfare agencies, and private citizens that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as the sole accrediting agency for social work education in the United States. CSWE works to ensure that social work professionals are competent by promoting and maintaining high quality social work education.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

Healthy Families America (HFA)

200 South Michigan Avenue

Suite 1700

Chicago , IL 60604

(312) 663-3520

(312) 939-8962

http://healthyfamiliesamerica.orgexternal link

Healthy Families America, a program of Prevent Child Abuse America, promotes child health and development and positive parenting through voluntary home visits by trained staff.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS)

117 South Saint Asaph Street

Alexandria , VA 22314

(703) 535-8045

(703) 535-8049


http://www.jointcouncil.org/external link

The Joint Council on International Children's Services is an affiliation of licensed, nonprofit international adoption agencies. JCICS membership includes parent groups, advocacy organizations, and individuals who have an interest in inter-country adoption. JCICS member agencies subscribe to established Standards of Practice designed to protect the rights of children, birth parents, and adoptive parents.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA)

Administrative Offices

403 Marquis Avenue, Suite 200

Lexington , KY 40502

(859) 514-1921

(859) 231-1943


http://naralicensing.org/external link

General Scope: The National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA) is dedicated to the protection of the health, safety and well-being of children and vulnerable adults in day or residential human care facilities through licensing and other forms of regulation.
Training Specific: NARA offers several options in the area of professional development and training services, including the annual Licensing Conference and Seminar, Core Knowledge, Best Practices, Online Courses, customized on the ground training, and more. For additional information about these opportunities, please see http://naralicensing.org/Products_Servicesexternal link.

National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC)

1825 Marion Street

Suite 242

Denver , CO 80218

(303) 864-5320

(303) 864-5351

(888) 828-NACC


http://www.naccchildlaw.orgexternal link

The National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC) works to improve the legal protection and representation of children by training and educating child advocates and by effecting policy and legal systems change. The NACC sponsors conferences and seminars on important issues confronting child advocates and files amicus curiae briefs in selected court cases affecting children. The Association also has a legislative agenda, a national child advocate awards program, and a speakers bureau.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

750 First Street NE

Suite 700

Washington , DC 20002-4241

(202) 408-8600

http://www.socialworkers.orgexternal link

The National Association of Social Workers is a private, nonprofit membership organization committed to enhancing the profession of social work, developing and supporting social policy, and promoting human services programs. There are NASW chapters in every state; most are engaged in child welfare and family violence program activities at the local level. The national office is primarily concerned with social policy, federal legislation and advocacy, and social practice standards that protect, promote, and ensure the welfare of children and families.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

National Children's Alliance (NCA)

516 C Street, NE

Washington , DC 20002

(202) 548-0090

(202) 548-0099


http://www.nationalchildrensalliance.org/external link

General Scope: The National Children's Alliance is a nonprofit membership organization that provides training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to communities seeking to plan, establish, and improve Children's Advocacy Centers. These Centers further the goal of serving abused children through a comprehensive approach to services for victims and their families.
Training Specific: A wide range of training opportunities can be found in the Comprehensive Training Catalogue For Children's Advocacy Centers. The pdf version of the Catalogue is available for download. For more information about training resources, see http://www.nationalchildrensalliance.org/index.php?s=54.external link

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

National Network for Social Work Managers

c/o Jane Addams College of Social Work

1040 West Harrison Street M/C 309

Chicago , IL 60607-7134

(312) 413-2302

(312) 996-2770


http://www.socialworkmanager.org/external link

The National Network for Social Work Managers is dedicated solely to improving the quality of organizations by equipping managers to become effective “people-centered” leaders. Its mission is to make available the knowledge and experience of its members to one another in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA)

810 First Street, NE

Suite 500

Washington , DC 20002-4267




http://nsdta.aphsa.orgexternal link

General Scope: The mission of the National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA) is to build professional and organizational capacity in the human services through a national network of membership sharing ideas and resources on organizational development, staff development, and training.
NSDTA was founded in 1983 and incorporated as an affiliate of the American Public Human Servics Association (APHSA) in 1985 to support persons responsible for human service training and staff development on the local, state, or federal level.
Training Specific: The NSDTA represents training professionals working in public human services. Each year, NSDTA sponsors a Professional Development Institute, a national training and networking event for people involved in human services training, staff development and organizational development. Presenters represent governmental agencies including human services, public health, child welfare, corrections and human rights, as well as nongovernmental agencies including private sector child welfare and community-based organizations. For additional information, see http://nsdta.aphsa.org/pro_dev_inst.htm.external link

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA)

500 North Michigan Avenue

Suite 200

Chicago , IL 60611

(312) 663-3520

(312) 939-8962


http://www.preventchildabuse.org/external link

Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) is committed to promoting legislation, policies, and programs that help prevent child abuse and neglect, support healthy childhood development, and strengthen families. Working with State chapters, PCCA provides leadership to promote and implement prevention efforts at the national and local levels.
PCAA's research arm is the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention Research (http://member.preventchildabuse.org/site/PageServer?pagename=research_indexexternal link). The Center provides a link between research and practice by developing and evaluating prevention strategies, and by disseminating information about child abuse maltreatment and its prevention across the country.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Office of Public Affairs

Room 5541 Cohen Building - 330 Independence Avenue, S.W.

Washington , DC 20201

(202) 619-1343

(202) 260-8512


The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to protect the integrity of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) programs, as well as the health and welfare of the beneficiaries of those programs.
OIG has a responsibility to report both to the Secretary and to the Congress program and management problems and recommendations to correct them. OIG's duties are carried out through a nationwide network of audits, investigations, evaluations and other mission-related functions performed by OIG components.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):

U.S. Department of State

Office of Children’s Issues

2201 C Street, NW SA-29

Washington , DC 20520

(202) 736-9130

(202) 736-9080

(888) 407-4747



This part of the U.S. State Department website provides both information and guidance to U.S. citizens seeking information about intercountry adoptions.

Major Program(s)/Initiatives(s):



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Save A Life by Angie Kassabie
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