Friday, December 7, 2012

Child Protective Services Accountability Links

Fight CPS and Win
Lots of info, news, laws, case histories, and more.  There is also help for families searching for their children, and links to internaional organizations dealing with this issue.

National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center
Referrals to leading professionals from the legal, mental health, and medical fields skilled in combating false allegations.
This site from Dean Tong, author of the book Elusive
, provides resource information and more to adults unjustly accused of child abuse, child neglect, sexual child abuse, "repressed" memories, sexual harassment, or domestic violence (spousal abuse).

American Family Advocacy Center
Founded to help families who find themselves involved in interventions with state Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies.
This website offers a wealth of information and support on legal and medical issues relating to false allegations of abuse.  They have a special focus on medical conditions that can be misinterpreted for child abuse, in particular OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta), also known as "Brittle Bone Disease".

Special Parents of Special Kids
This website details the struggles of a father of two beautiful, special needs children as the Texas CPS tried to tear his family apart.

Archived CPS Watch
This archive is an invaluable source of information and legal advice, with numerous resources for parents caught up in "the system". 

Oregon Family Rights
Oregon Family Rights helps parents who are FALSELY ACCUSED of child abuse, lobbies for the RE-Criminalization of child abuse, and the ELIMINATION of Bogus Abuse categories


Resources for victims of false accusations including legal self help, links to Child Protection Agencies Manuals of Policies and Procedures and other web sites pertaining to false allegations

Foster Survivors
A place for foster kids and foster care survivors to share their experiences.  Lots of links and resources, too.

Save Your Children
This website has a lot of case histories, information, and support

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