Friday, December 14, 2012

How Can I Reinstate My Parental Rights?


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    Jordan E. Watson

    Jordan E. Watson

    Denton Family Law Attorney


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    Answered about a year ago. Since you have no parental rights, you have no legal standing at this point to sue to adopt. You'd need to have custody of your child for at least 6 months before you could have standing to sue for conservatorship of your child. Unfortunately, once you rights are terminated, there's no way to reinstate them. You'd have to basically adopt your own child, because in the eyes of Texas, you are no longer that child's parent, but are legally a stranger to them.   



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Christopher Jay Harding

Christopher Jay Harding Pro

Dallas Family Law Attorney

Answered about a year ago. You would need to adopt the child, which normally requires consent of the current parents or guardians (if the child is a ward of the state).


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Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein

Houston Family Law Attorney

Answered about a year ago. I agree with the other attorneys - your parental rights have been terminated -- so technically you are a "stranger" to your child.
That said, I would be in contact with CPS & in the courtroom doing anything and everything that I could to re-open the door & start fresh.
You don't include in your statement how old the child is now or if the child has any sort of relationship with you.
I would be there as an "option" to the 2 fighting parents. I would be the rational & reasonable alternative. I would be creative & flexible in offering alternatives to the fighting parents.
I would also hire the best attorney that I could find in the Galveston area.
Check this website & As I'm sure you know, Galveston judges prefer Galveston attorneys and not lawyers from Houston.
Good luck!

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