Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Murder Of Baby Briana



The people responsible for what this child went through need to die.  It is really rare that I would say something like this.  How in the hell could anyone do this?

They changed the law with this case but it is up to the judge to follow through with the punishment.  18 years for what they did to this child is bullshit.  Please pardon my French.  I am outraged, and I am disgusted, it is people like these pieces of shit  that make it bad on everyone.  It is because of people like that CPS need to exist.  Now if only CPS would actually do their job better this wouldn’t be happening as much.  And if parents who cannot take care of their children for what ever reason gave them up to someone who can, instead of killing them and or abusing them this country would be a lot better off.

And to the pieces of shit that did this to this innocent child, I pray  that God shows you more mercy than what you showed this baby. …

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