Friday, February 1, 2013

The Truth Always Wins Out No Matter How Much Some One Tries to Hide It



The time has come to  tell the public what has happened to these three children who were kidnapped and sold and yes sold to Donna Dills Webb. Their Mother Alice Samantha Thomason fought for two years to get her children back after they were stolen by Jackson County Ga DCF. She did everything that was required of her- the only thing left was a place to live which by the ASFA Jackson County was supposed to help her with under – reasonable effort. They did not and did not even offer. She was hung out to dry by her attorney who never questioned if it had been done. So earlier this year those three children were stripped from any legal rights to their mother.

They were immediately adopted by  Donna Dills Webb and her husband Vince. This was prearranged by Jackson County DCF and Judge Guidry, It gets better.

Donna and her husband moved from a very small house in Commerce to a nice big expensive house in Madison County which is the next county over. They built the house using money that was gained by having six foster children in their home including these three children.  Which does not have to be claimed on taxes.

As a result of the adoption they now can double dip. They are allowed under the Adoption and Safe Families Act to claim up to 45,000.00 as a deduction for the adoption of these girls. They also get to claim them as dependents and they still get a monthly check for each of the three children until they turn 18 years old. That nice big house is being paid for off the backs of children.

To add insult to injury they changed the girls names. Sara was named after her great great grandmothers and her great grandmother. She no longer has that name. The only name the girls have is the name they go by. There was a reason why they were given the names they were given at birth now they will never know.

After Donna was paid to steal these children, she told Samantha that she wanted them to continue to have a relationship with their birth mother. But at every turn she has badgered her, blackmailed her and emotionally abused her with threats of not allowing her to see the girls if she didn’t “toe the line.”

I was asked not to post here about her or her abuse, and I didn’t. However Donna continued to threaten Samantha. Well now the gloves have come off. No longer will  I sit by and put up with this abuse.

Donna had no intention of allowing Samantha to continue any kind of relationship with her children because it would mean that at some point she would have to explain her culpability in this kidnapping. She has no explanation except money. She cannot justify her actions in any way at all.

Today was the last straw. She told Samantha that she didn’t want Sam to see the girls anymore, but yet gave no explication- except that she had proof that Sam was screwing up. Really! What proof. Sam asked her and she wouldn’t tell her, but she did threaten Sam with a TRO is she came around the girls again.

  • Donna Dills Webb
    • Samantha I have got to put a stop to you seeing the girls. I feel they would be better off in the long run. If you come back around I will get a TPO on you.
      I’m doing what is best for the girls.

40 minutes ago

Samantha Thomason

    • Wht did i do? I havent done anything wrong?

39 minutes ago

Donna Dills Webb

    • I’m doing what’s best for the girls it’s a lot of stuff adding up and it’s fr there best interest

36 minutes ago

Samantha Thomason

    • Whts adding up? I c my kids and thts it i dnt say anything out of the way 2 them!

33 minutes ago

Donna Dills Webb

    • Just stay away I have all my prof and I’m not backing down just leave them alone or like I said I will get a TPO

20 minutes ago

Samantha Thomason

    • You dnt have no proof of me doing anything wrong. But do wht you think you need to do. It will come back 2 bite you in the ass i promise. And if i cant see them aint noone seeing them from his family. Since you want to be this way then dnt message me anymore. But trust and believe my kids will come look for me and theres nothing you can do 2 stop it.And you dnt scare me w a TPO.

This is the entire conversation between Samantha and Donna.

The reason is pure and simple the girls especially Shawna who is very bright is now asking questions that Donna can not honestly answer. Donna can not honestly tell the girls why they can’t go back home to their mother- especially since their father has returned. She has to dance around the truth. She has claimed that she is a Christian- now while I don’t judge anyone- it is very difficult to be honest when you are already living a lie.

I just have one piece of advice for those children. Be ready when you are 18 you will be kicked to the curb when the money stops and when you start to spread your wings and she had no control over you. You have family and have always had blood family who have loved all of you. But we were not allowed to take you because it is always all about the money.

What goes around always comes around ten times as bad.

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