Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eve has a home & a brain,'They are breaking me down'

Uploaded on Dec 24, 2009

This is the last part of the video taken 11/20, the day Eve found out she was court ordered to the nearest hosp, by force if necessary. Please see the other videos off my channel detailing the whole tragic situation. Of Adult Protective Services assault on this 93 yr old woman, who feels (and is) being treated like a common criminal, when all along, Evelyn has done nothing wrong.
is the play-list of videos that we did (11) for a total of over 60 - caring people who feel this UN-justice of all of this. They have made other videos (well worth watching, heart warming and from the bottom of their hearts. ) What if this were someone in your family? It very well can be. If we don't stop this, and they (this Probate Gang) get away with sealing Eve's liberty and assets, and people don't step up to help, look out for your elders next.
See the site, and please join, as this is a lawful way for the PEOPLE to have a voice.
See the whole "Saga of Evelyn in Legal land" on this page, with docs and details - nine months of this seemingly endless stalking of APS on Eve. When there are lots of people out there who need the government - they are AWOL. Yet, here in this case, Eve clearly has a good support team in place.
Other issues are at play, her care-giver of over 14 years had some "history" in the past, and hid nothing, as he does today as well. Evelyn knew of everything, and had no problems with Dean. You can see from other videos, they have a close attachment and treat each other like Aunt and Nephew, a loving family.
APS and this Probate gang it appears, are intent on playing dirty, and the abuse of tax-payers dollars here is terrible. They have no over-sight, answer to no one. Laws need to be implemented, changed and used to only help people in need. Since starting down this road, we have seen others, heard horror stories of the abuse of power - and seen cases where clearly people needed help, and didn't get it from APS.
We have received cards and letter of support (and money toward the legal costs). If you would like to contact us with any of the above, (or other horror stories as well) it would be at:
Evelyn S. C/O Dean Marinpietri
PO Box 24524
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124
Evelyn is still in the nursing home, speaking w/her atty, and misses us all. No phone even, no visits from any of as as the intermediate guardian 'rules'. We wish her, best as can be in these circumstances, to be well, and happy holidays.
God Bless, and Merry Christmas to all from
Betty, Dean, Linda and Bill


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