Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meth Abuse Allegations- My Recommendations

When I have a parent come to me and ask me what they need to do in regards to Child Protection Services, and their children, with the allegations being of using Meth, the answer is so very easy.  First of all the parent must sit down and really think about what they really want and what is in the best interest of the child.  Is the parent ready to give up any and all illegal drug use until the child or children are 18 years old?  Because if they are not, then they need to fight for those kids.  Because even when the parents took care of the kids and the kids were not abused or neglected, nor did the kids want for anything, if you chose to use Meth, you have to realize that it is just a matter of time before CPS will get in the picture.  And that right there is where you put the kids in danger.  By knowingly and willingly continuing with your Meth use, knowing they will come and it is in foster care or group homes that the kids are in danger, of abuse, neglect and even sexual assault.  You cannot beat the system all you can do, is to do what is required of you and stay the hell off of Meth.  Because if you don’t the only ones you’re really hurting are your children.

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