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How To File A Complaint Against A CPS caseworker

How To File A Complaint Against A CPS caseworker If you find yourself who is falsely accused of child abuse or child neglect (by CPS own admission 95% of CPS cases are UNFOUNDED aka INNOCENT) here are a few things you need to know:*If a CPS worker comes to your door ask if they have a warrant do not let them in, do not talk to them, through the door tell them to place their business card and to leave immediately, then make a police report, ASAP*Start now to get copies of your files: medical files on each child, medical files on yourself, testing lab reports, any school files on each child, any file you can think of, CPS will block your access to them, legally you have a right to your own files but the children court judges will go along with CPS intercepting, CPS will contact each entity behind your back and demand they not release files to you*Keep a log, get a spiral notebook, when you interact with CPS and any entity write down the date and time and name, write a short summary of the event-staffing-children's visit-court hearings-every event*Now is the time to brainstorm who may have made a report on you, do not speak or say another word to this person or persons, stay away from everyone who is vindictive, your life has now changed*Make a witness list, write down the name of any person who may be for you or against you, write down a summary of what they will say, include their contact information, your attorney is going to need this*Make a list of any evidence that will exonerate you, include where this information can be found with the name of the contact person, address of the entity with it's telephone number, your attorney will need this also*While you are at work CPS will go to the baby sitter or daycare and pick up the children, make changes now and get an attorney ASAP or connect with our LULAC Council we have experience in with dealing with CPS*CPS will hunt you down like a hunted animal and will go to court and claim you can't be found somehow CPS always find the children and never find the parents judges actually believes CPS can't find parents *The CPS worker must close your case if they cannot reach you within 6 months (9 months is better) when they can't reach you with the children*CPS caseworkers must identify themselves, if they do, big if, you may allow the CPS caseworker to see the children through your window to verify the children are fine, video tape and/or take photos, make sure to photograph the CPS worker viewing the children*Always do a paper trail, send the CPS caseworker a short kindly worded letter to confirm visits-appts-staffings-etc, the letter must be dated and include a letterhead with your name, address, and telephone number*Arrive early at least 30 minutes to each hearing-staffing-visit-appt and to CPS 'vendors'*If you are late and you call CPS will instruct the transporter (the person that transports your children to visits) to leave immediately you will not see the children, CPS will then state in court you did not care to visit with them, it is suggested you record this phone call*Any paperwork CPS gives you make 3 copies of every piece of paper, 1 for you, 1 for the court, 1 to be kept in a safe deposit box or a safe location*NEVER sign anything unless your attorney reads any document first*When a CPS worker tells you she will close your case, you are in limbo, they will come after you again, judges allows CPS to do this double jeopardy, including when you finish the first mommy probation-daddy probation aka service plan and a new CPS caseworker is assigned to you, you will have to do the probation all over again, more on double jeopardy later*Always have a witness with you at each and every staffing-visit-hearing-vendor's appt. at every single interaction.*Take pictures of your children at each visit, when they are injured, not if they are injured, WHEN they are injured take close up photos, many children get injured many times, judges are okay with children being injured by CPS will not hold the caregivers or the CPS worker accountable, ever. FYI: your children will be injured, no exceptions the judges will look the other way and the DA and CPS will explain it away, it does not matter if you speak up and notify the judge, more on this later*Take notes on CPS explanations of how the children got injured, you will get more than one story, CPS workers don't remember their statements, *Make a police report on the CPS caseworker when he or she bullies and harasses you*Do a Color of Law on the CPS caseworker and the CPS supervisorThe following is just a few of CPS dirty tricks that judges are on board with*CPS 'loses' paperwork, the paperwork CPS workers 'lose' often are: contact info about you, the list of persons you would like for the children to live with, correspondence you send, anything that exonerates you including clean drug tests*CPS do not do home visits on the children's foster home and/or caregivers*CPS will claim you were unavailable for a visit on your home, this is said often, have a witness with you at all times, the judge will take CPS word so have the witness video tape the home visit you have that right (use your cell phone, CPS will tell you not to, just remember you have a right to videotape your life, just do it and give a copy to the attorney and the boards listed below)*CPS will pressure you to sign over your rights and will make false statements such as "You will go to jail if you don't sign", "You will have an open adoption", etc don't fall for their lies.*CPS will falsely tell you that you do not need an attorney and will bully you by falsely stating they will NOT ask for termination, CPS always asks for termination*CPS will tell you that if you listen and do as your attorney tells you that you will lose custody, truth is CPS IS ALWAYS CONFIDENT that judges will rubber stamp the termination *CPS will falsify documents, judges allow this, CPS caseworkers are not trained investigators, licensed investigators and detectives for instance work at law enforcement. CPS caseworkers are social workers, their CPS training consists of filling out paperwork that satisfies the language judges need to justify terminating your parental rights. For example, when you are in shock that your children were removed for no good reason CPS caseworkers will write down something like "Mother was emotional", which will be interpreted in many different ways and in CPS favor, FYI: CPS despises any and all law enforcement officers*CPS caseworkers will not call or visit you, then go to court and tell the judge you were unavailable*CPS will claim they cannot find you even though they have information on where to find you at your employment and homestead address, CPS has the best equipment that money can buy, for instance after a parent kept calling CPS to confirm their visit with their children and got zero response I then called the CPS office using the call block that ID's the call as unknown-restricted number and within seconds the CPS worker called back and asked who it was, I identified myself and confirmed the visit for the parents this action prevented the CPS worker to say in court that the parents were unavailable and unreachable, this way when the judge ask if they spoke with the parents CPS can say no, judges do know about CPS dirty tricks*CPS will tell you one thing and will get on the stand and tell the judge something else, for instance they will tell you that you are doing great for completing the service plan and will tell the judge they recommend re-unification, on court day they will tell the judge they want termination*Even though you have overwhelming evidence that you are innocent and the evidence presented and allowed by the judge to be entered that exonerates you, you still will lose custody, how is that so? Judges rubber stamp, so what can be done? Read belowWho rubber stamps for CPS?Anyone who is hired by CPS, even if the evidence entities have exonerates you CPS pays them remember that and the entities crave CPS funds, they want government money, they will honor CPS requests and not release your file to you even though you have a constitutional right to have access to it, judges know this too, when they get on the stand they will give 'testimony'-statements that were suggested by CPS, they will not be in your favor, if they say it the judge goes along with it.You have the right to file a complaint here are links to do soIf the entity hired by CPS (entities CPS refers you to) have licenses then their State of Texas Boards are interested in anyone who is committing fraud, abusing their power, ethics violations, and violating your civil rights, please contact themSocial Work Complaint link,Psychiatrist, Medical Doctors, Nurses and Drug Testing Labs ;Teachers Attorney GeneralOffice of the Attorney General 300 W. 15th Street Austin, TX 78701You have a right to have your own team, your own psychiatrist, psychotherapist, visit any hospital, doctor, and medical lab, etc of your choosing, if you were referred by CPS to visit any entity BEWARE!!! Get your own team, you have the right to report anyone to the board who issues their license, individuals and entities care more about their license than about CPS, their license is their bottom line.Truth is an absolute. Items you will need to include are copies of videos, photos, emails, tape recordings, witnesses contact info, documents, etc. Carbon copy and make 4 copies of each, send one copy to the Texas Attorney General, one to the State of Texas Board, keep one copy for yourself, and another to be kept in a safe location. My LULAC Council has over 75 years of helping innocent parents who are facing false allegations by CPS we can help you with the complaint process and CPS process.Even though no warrant will be obtained by CPS just follow the Miranda Rights you have the right to remain silent that anything you say will be used against you what you say will never be in your favor no matter what, CPS will twist this and say that you don't want to comply the truth is you have the right to wait until you have an attorney, CPS hates this constitutional right in fact they despise any police officer, that's another letter. CPS are masters in manipulating judges, the police, parents, children and entities they will twist what you say, anything you do will be twisted anyways and used against you, you have the right to legal counsel CPS will demand you stay away from your attorney you have the right to have a witness with you at all times, you have the right to be heard and not have your civil rights violated it's in the United States Constitution, not only does CPS hate the police they hate civil rights and the Bill of Rights, their bottom line is to bully, they can because there is no oversight, the judges don't do oversight, a good decent police officer who sees through them will stand up to them.FYI: we are in an election cycle, this November it is a good idea to vote out all judges and the District Attorney who rubber stamp for CPS and don't put fire under the feet of CPS and demand they do right. Get involved, attend our meetings we will be discussing children's rights, parent rights, and civil rights soon. We meet often. Attend rallies and together we can make the changes necessary for the children. Respectfully,Julie Marquez, PresidentLULAC Council 4991Belinda Shvetz, ChairLULAC Council 4991 do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers,12,2157,--How-To-File-A-Complaint-Against-A-CPS-caseworker.htm
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