Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hundreds of new laws now in effect in Arizona

Katie Conner

12:06 PM, Jul 3, 2015

PHOENIX - Hundreds of new Arizona laws are going into effect over the holiday weekend.

Lawmakers passed more than 320 new laws that became official on Friday.

Check out five of the top new laws on the books in our state:

One law, championed by Gov. Doug Ducey when he took office, deals with companies like Uber, which can now operate free of many old regulations.

Another law addresses drivers busted for speeding, allowing them to now go to traffic school once a year -- rather than every two years.

On the healthcare side, women in Arizona who buy health insurance on the federal exchange can no longer purchase optional abortion coverage.

Naturopathic doctors will also face tighter regulations for recommending medical marijuana.

Another new law will benefit local breweries. Starting Friday, microbreweries can now expand production limits.

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