Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Help The Dooley Family get back into their own home For: The Dooley Family Trinity, TX Organizer: Tifani Dooley


Hi, We are the Dooley family. My name is Tifani (26) and there is my husband Jeff (27), together we have 4 kids! Johnathan  (11), Makayla (9), Raelynn (7), and Jackson (5). To make an excruciatingly long story short, my husband is a US Military vet. When he left service in 2014 after serving a tour in Afghanistan, he went back to truck driving. He was buying his own rig and building him a small trucking business but due to technicalities he lost his truck. When he did we lost our house and we had to move in with family. Our financial situation has somewhat stabilized where we can afford to be out on our own again but not the expenses to get out on our own. I am asking today for a lot, I understand, but I need help. I just need moving expenses and a deposit (this amount may not even cover everything). If you can hel Pl it would be greatly appreciated! If not please just share and pray or send positive thoughts. 

Thank you! 

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