It has been eleven years now since Ariana and Tyler Payne have been murdered.  I know, I for one think of them on a regular basis.  This has been one of the biggest failures in Child Protection Services career.  I still cannot help but wonder how in the hell they could have failed them so badly.  Ariana and Tyler Paynes’ mom Jaime Hallam lives with their mistake every single day of her life.  But, do they?  They as in who was held accountable for one of the biggest failures in Child Protection Services history, and do they have to live with their mistake every single day of their life?

I bet no one from Child Protection Services ever gave it a second thought.  To them Ariana And Tyler Payne were just another statistic, to them.  But, not to their mom, or the people all over the world who mourned their loss.  To them Ariana And Tyler Payne were two very beautiful children.

I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone who these two beautiful children were. They must not be forgotten, it is the least that we can do as a society for failing them so badly.  RIP Beautiful Angels

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And let us not forget the monsters that killed them….

christopher payne


1. Parental Rights: Protectiong Children and Empowering Parents 


2. Legal Parents Rights Foundation


3.  National Parents Rights Association


4.  National Association Of Parents


5.  Father’s Rights Group and  Shared Parenting Resources

https://www.verywellfamily.com › Parenting › Single Parenting

6.  American Civil Rights Association Parents Rights Legislation


          I noticed this morning that someone made a short little clip for announcing that there is a link that you can download a few of the books I have written.  I am shocked but I am feel a sense of relief.  When I first started this page, my main objective was to put the information out there so other parents did not have to struggle to find the information they needed.  I wanted to educate everyone as to who Child Protection Services is, and what it is that they do.  I believe I can honestly say, that my mission has been accomplished.  When CPS first came into my life back in 2002, there was very little information out there.  Now with the work of others like the people from Legally Kidnapped, and Parents Rights, and The Social Workers Wall Of Shame, and other important groups, we have all got the information out there.  I am very honored to say I was a part of that.  I gave this Parental Advocacy specializing in parents and Child Protection Services, the past 10 years of my life.  It has been an amazing ride, and I have met some pretty amazing people along the way.
          To any parents who are new into this whole process, my words to you are this, hang in there, you will get through this.  Just do your case plan, as requested by the Juvenile Court System, and do it in the time they gave you to do it.  If your children were taken away because of drug use, then you have got to decide, which one to you is more important.  If your kids are the most important then stay off the drugs.  You cannot beat the system, and if you try the ones you will be hurting will be your children.  Because when you get them back and you continue to use, its just a matter of time until Child Protection Services will be back in your life.  And they will be taken again.  And that right there is how you as a parent are endangering your child.  Being in foster care is far from being the best circumstances for your children.
          I wish you all only the best. And here is to your future.  God Bless.

          By Jatara McGee |

          Posted: Mon 7:18 PM, Jul 16, 2018  |

          Updated: Tue 7:39 AM, Jul 17, 2018

          KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 7/16/18 @ 10:40 p.m.
          A suspended West Virginia Child Protective Services worker was re-arrested late Monday night, state police say.

          Dustin Kinser was arrested on a warrant stemming from a domestic incident Sunday night, troopers say. Kanawha County Sheriff's Deputies say they arrested him during a traffic stop Monday.

          Kinser had posted bond in connection with the case of a 17-year-old girl who went missing from Lincoln County early this month and was found later in Kanawha County.

          He was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor in that case.

          Keep checking WSAZ Mobile and WSAZ.com for the latest information.

          ORIGINAL STORY 7/16/18
          A 17-year-old girl missing from Lincoln County has been found safe in Kanawha County. The man she was found with, employed as a Child Protective Services worker, is facing criminal charges.

          The teen was reported missing Saturday, July 7, after her family filed a police report with West Virginia State Police in Lincoln County. Family members say the teen is mentally unstable and feared she had run away from home.

          Days later, South Charleston Police officers found the missing girl sitting in a vehicle with Dustin Kinser at McDonald's on Corridor G. Investigators believe the teenager had been with Kinser for several days before reaching out to a friend for help and giving the friend her exact location.

          Police responded to the fast food restaurant shortly after.

          According to a criminal complaint, Kinser traveled to the teenage girl's home in Lincoln County and picked her up after meeting her on a social media app and making the plans to meet up. Investigators say Kinser knew how old the girl was prior to meeting her.

          "This person does hold a position of trust," says Senior Trooper M.R. Shaffer with the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit. "Sometimes you do get a bad seed. You can't let one person determine your opinion of this organization as a whole."

          Troopers tell WSAZ that Kinser is employed as a CPS worker in Kanawha County with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. He told investigators he found the teenager in Charleston and "felt sorry for her" so he took her to his house in the Campbell's Creek area of Kanawha County.

          The teen's family had been searching for her for several days, concerned about her mental status.

          "You have all the emotions going on of not knowing where this child is and not knowing if they're OK or in danger, if they're dead or alive," Senior Trooper Shaffer says.

          During the investigation, troopers obtained a search warrant for Kinser's cell phone. He was then arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The victim also told investigators Kinser has at least two inappropriate pictures of her.

          In court records, investigators say Kinser took the 17-year-old to his home and also rented a hotel room in Kanawha City. During the time the teen was in his care, troopers say the girl was photographed with alcohol.

          According to West Virginia State Police, Kinser has been suspended by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

          In an incident connected with the ongoing investigation, Kinser is facing felony charges for terroristic threats. The day after he was found in a car with the missing teenager and his phone was seized, court records allege Kinser threatened police officers.

          According to a criminal complaint, Kinser called his mother several times on the phone, swearing at her and angry that police would not return his phone.

          During the phone call, an officer heard Kinser say "let another pig pull up in here, and I'll pop all of them," a reference to shooting police officers.

          Court records also allege that earlier that day, Kanawha County Sheriff's deputies were at Kinser's home while his wife got some of her things from the home. Deputies say while they were there, Kinser made a threat toward police officers.

          Monday, he is out of jail on bond.

          WSAZ has reached out to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources for comment but has not heard back yet. We will update this story when we do.


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