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Policy: 4301 Effective: 09/20/05

Policy: 4301 Effective: 09/20/05
Procedure: 4301.08 Replaces: N/A
Chapter: Case Management Dated: N/A

Rule: Coordinating with Child Protective Services (CPS)


The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) shall coordinate services with the Administration for Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF) Child Protective Services (CPS) for juveniles who are suspected to be in danger of or a victim of abuse or neglect; are without a parent or guardian; or who are currently dually adjudicated with CPS as their primary guardian.


1. When an ADJC youth program officer iii (YPOIII), a Parole Officer, teacher, or another representative reasonably believes that a juvenile is or has been the victim of abuse, neglect, or abandonment (there is no parent, guardian, or custodian who is available, willing, and/or able to safely care for the juvenile), s/he shall refer to Procedure 1160.05, Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and follow the steps described therein.

2. If a dependency petition is filed and if the juvenile becomes dually adjudicated, the ypo iii or parole officer shall:

a. Involve the juvenile’s CPS caseworker or designated representative in all pertinent staffings;

b. Share information with the CPS caseworker as the juvenile’s legal guardian; and

c. Request the assistance of the caseworker in continuous case planning (see Procedure 4320.06, Transition Staffing).

d. The ypo iii, Parole Officer, and the CPS Caseworker shall ensure each agency’s responsibility is identified in the case plan regarding the juvenile’s:

i. Placement;

ii. Education;

iii. Therapeutic needs; and/or

iv. Medical needs.

e. The YPO III, parole officer, and the CPS Caseworker shall jointly monitor the juvenile’s:

i. Progress in his/her continuous case plan goals;

ii. Independent Living plan, if the juvenile is 16 years of age or older.

3. The Parole Officer shall:

a. Collaborate with the CPS Caseworker to follow up with any CPS case plan permanency goal;

b. Participate in family engagement in the Family Group Decision Making process; and

c. Attend all Child and Family Team (CFT) and team decision making meetings.

4. If a Parole Officer or YPO III needs assistance with a CPS investigation or other systems processes, s/he shall contact the assigned CPS District Liaison whose telephone number is available on the ADJC Intranet in the Community Corrections area.

5. The ypo iii and the parole officer shall facilitate CPS contact with the juvenile.

6. CPS shall maintain the role as juvenile guardian until the court dismisses dependency
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