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Free Jon Venables and he will harm children again

Free Jon Venables and he will harm children again James Bulger dad's warning on killer By RICHARD MORIARTY Published: 25th June 2011 THE father of murdered toddler James Bulger last night begged authorities not to release killer Jon Venables — warning he will once again target children if he is freed. Grieving Ralph Bulger, 42, hit out as a parole board met to decide whether Venables should be released after serving just half of his two-year prison sentence for possessing child porn. Ralph accused authorities of IGNORING a sexual element in little James’s murder, and slammed them for LOSING vital papers that could show why Venables is still a danger. He warned that Venables, now 28, WILL reoffend and will target kids if freed. Ralph said: “The authorities just do not wish to face the reality that Venables’ recent sex crimes are related to his original murder of James. Ignored “Documents that show the sexual element of James’s murder have been destroyed and not made available to those considering releasing Venables. “They say they no longer exist but we have offered copies to them and they declined. How can they make a proper decision without all the facts? “There is a clear child sex offence link to the murder of James and Venables’ recent offending. If Venables is let out now he will target children again. “I just pray that the parole board finally see the truth — that Jon Venables is and always was a predatory sex killer who will never be changed. He will always be a danger to children which is why he must be locked up for life.” Solicitor Robin Makin said Ralph submitted “a lot of material” to the parole board that released Venables in 2001 from his sentence for murdering James. Killer ... Jon Venables Mr Makin said: “Astonishingly, the parole board have no records, so the proceedings ten years ago amount to nothing. “The Ministry of Justice don’t seem to have been able to locate those papers, so we’ve had to start again.” Ralph believes the missing files include documents detailing his belief that there was a strong sexual element to James’s murder. Those concerns were dismissed, but Ralph said Venables’ later arrest for child porn proved they should not have been ignored. He believes Venables’ confession that he was “thrill-seeking” when he downloaded the porn proves he has not been reformed. Mr Makin added: “The explanation Venables gave was that he was seeking the ‘ultimate thrill’. Ralph’s concern is that he is really seeking to relive something similar to the original murder.” The solicitor said previous reports on Venables were “fundamentally flawed” because they wrongly assumed there was no sexual motive to James’s murder. He added: “The problem is this — the authorities, because of their liberal agenda, don’t really want to see Jon Venables for the person that he actually is.” Victim ... little James Bulger Venables and pal Robert Thompson were ten when they abducted and murdered two-year-old James on Merseyside in 1993 in one of Britain’s most notorious crimes. The killers spent eight years in secure juvenile units before being released on licence in 2001 — with new identities — after experts claimed they were no longer a danger. Venables was returned to prison last year after being caught with child porn on his computer. Ralph spoke out after making an emotional victim impact statement to the parole board via a video link at Liverpool Crown Court. James’s mother Denise Fergus did not attend the hearing, but submitted a written statement instead. A Parole Board spokesman said case files were destroyed after nine months because the Ministry of Justice has a master copy. The Ministry said it had provided all the information and evidence requested by the head of the parole board panel, including key documents from the original hearing. The parole board is due to give its decision on Venables in ten days. r.moriarty@the-sun.co.uk Murder ripped my soul out RALPH Bulger yesterday made an impassioned plea to the parole board to keep Venables in jail for life. In a highly emotional impact statement, he said: I feel like a totally different person now and I will never again be who I was before. They ripped my soul out when they killed James and they killed a piece of me. Now I don’t want anyone to know who I am and how I am feeling. James was adorable, a really cute child whom everyone loved. He was very mischievous, like a lot of kids, but he had this pup that he adored. Gone ... James Bulger is taken from shops He was a normal, loveable kid getting his first taste of life but he had that stolen from him. When James disappeared I thought at first that he’d be OK as it was only kids who had taken him. When I found out I didn’t know how to tell my wife. How do you tell someone something so horrific? There was no way of putting it. I never got to see James’s body because he was so badly mutilated. Everyone thought it would destroy me — “cabbage” me. My brother Jimmy identified him and that’s stayed with him forever. Nightmare We couldn’t have an open coffin because they bashed his skull in. I remember carrying his white coffin, it was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do — every parent’s nightmare. I’d always wanted to remember James as he was the last time I saw him alive. But even that was denied me because I can’t get rid of the images in my head after I was told what they done to him. I think James must have been crying for me, but I wasn’t there for him. When I saw Thompson and Venables at the trial I felt pure hatred, like I’d never felt before in my life. But I also felt bad that I hated two kids that much. Pain ... Ralph Bulger with Denise in 1994 I wanted them to get life and it was so hard to sit there while they were laughing in the dock about killing James, sniggering about what they had done. I believe they knew what they were doing, because my daughter knew what was right from wrong when she was four years old. They decide to smash his skull, take his pants off and drag him on to the rail track because it would sever him in two. When they got released it was a victory for the murderers and a knife in the back for me. There were no rights for James. His only right was to be murdered. I thought we’d get justice but we didn’t. The State failed us and let James down. All I saw was the offenders getting the best of everything when my son was dead. It was like the State was saying, ‘Go out murder a child and we’ll look after you’. It’s hard waking up every morning knowing you have so much hate inside, thinking what those boys did. But they are not boys anymore. They are men who will continue to hurt others. It’s like a cancer that eats away at me. I can’t stop it because it’s my son that was murdered. I loved my son so much and they ripped him away from me. mpu When the pressure got too much I’d drink myself stupid. I didn’t realise at the time I was just slowly killing myself. I am not an educated man but I still have feelings. I still bleed and I still love. I can’t understand why this has happened. I wish this had never happened but I can’t change anything. What the killers did made me the way I am today. I don’t like this person but I have to live with it. I find it hard to have fun with people, knowing my son was killed as he was. I put on a smile, but it’s false. People don’t always know what what I’m feeling, but I know what it’s like inside and it hurts. I wouldn’t want anyone else to feel like this. 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