Friday, November 16, 2012

Apply for a Job at Department of Economic Security (DES)

To apply for jobs with the Department of Economic Security, go to www.azstatejobs.govExternal Link Icon. Using this on-line application process, you will be able to:

  1. Create an on-line resume – use the system’s resume builder or copy and paste from a word document. Edit and instantly update previously submitted resumes and cover letters.

  2. Search for job openings by keywords, job type or job title. To view and apply for Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) jobs, enter the letters DES in the keyword search field. You must apply for each position in which you are interested. DES updates current recruitments on Wednesdays and Fridays. It is in your best interest to check the web site weekly for new postings.

Equal Opportunity Employment Policy Statement

The Arizona Department of Economic Security is committed to maintaining the highest levels of work ethic, integrity and professionalism. Each employee of the Department who has contact with children or vulnerable adults, as defined in A.R.S § 13-3623, shall certify whether he/she is currently awaiting trial or has ever been convicted of committing, or attempting or conspiring to commit, any of the criminal offenses listed in A.R.S. § 41-1758.03, subsections B. and C. in this state or similar offenses in another state or jurisdiction.



How To Apply for Positions
With the Department of Economic Security

The State has an online application process. Go to www.azstatejobs.govExternal Link Icon and do the following:

  1. Search for Jobs – Click this button. Type in DES in the Keyword field. Click the Search button at the bottom of the page to view all positions with DES.
    A screen appears showing all DES vacancies. This screen shows the Job Title, Job Type, Location, Date Posted, Salary, and Apply by Date. Click on a Job Title to view the specific job information (location, job duties, knowledge, skills and abilities). Determine if this is a position in which you are interested, feel you qualify and want to apply.

  2. Create an Account – Once you are ready to apply for job openings, click the Create an Account button that allows you to add your resume. Complete the following information:

    • Login – Type in a name that is easy to remember. This login name cannot be changed.

    • Password – Type in a name that is easy to remember. This may be changed.

    • E-mail Address – Type in your e-mail address. If you do not have an email account, you may get a free one at a variety of sites including Link Icon or Link Icon.
      After you create an account, use the Login button to enter into the system for all future activity.

  3. Add Resume – Click this button to create your resume once you have established your account. Note: You have one hour to create your resume in the system. If you cannot complete the resume in this time, save the work you have, return to the system and finish your resume.
    You may copy and paste your resume from an existing document or type it. If you choose the copy and paste method, formatting changes may occur when the system converts the current format to ASCII text. You may do the following to help avoid formatting change problems: 
          • Click on the Tips for formatting your resume link directly above the Resume box. Edit your resume using the tips listed before copying and pasting it into the system. 
          • Convert your Word document to a text format before copying and pasting into azstatejobs.govExternal Link Icon. Make the conversion by performing a “Save as” function on your Word resume and selecting the Plain text option in the “Save as type” field.
    Whether you convert your resume or not, be sure to proofread your resume and correct any formatting changes that occur after it is copied into www.azstatejobs.govExternal Link Icon.
    Once you create the resume, the button changes from “Add Resume” to “Edit Resume”. Instantly update your resume any time by clicking this button and making changes.

  4. Apply for a Position – Be sure you log into your account before following the steps below to apply for all jobs in which you are interested and want to apply. If you already selected the Apply button before logging into your account, go back to the announcement and reapply:
    • Click the Apply button at the very bottom of the page to be considered for this job.
    • Review your resume and all other information that appears on all succeeding pages.
    • Click the Submit button if all information on the multiple screens is correct.
    • Print the acknowledgment page that appears saying you were successful in applying for the position. If an acknowledgment screen does not appear, you must apply for the position again. Last, print the announcement for future reference.
    Click the View Application History Button on the main page to view current, open jobs for which you applied. If you need additional help or want to learn more about other helpful functions such as job search agents, click the Help button on the main page.

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