Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adam Lanza Had No Known Connection to Sandy Hook By Joe Coscarelli


Despite persistent early reports that Adam Lanza's mother was either a teacher or a substitute at Sandy Hook Elementary School, police clarified today that they don't know why the killer opened fire where he did. There was "no connection" between Lanza and the school, according to a Connecticut police spokesman, although claims that he may have attended Sandy Hook as a child have not been disproved. When a reporter asked Connecticut Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance today who exactly needed answers about motive, he responded, "The answers are for the poor victims, the families, the people of Connecticut who need to know and see a clear picture as to exactly what happened here." He added, "We have to do everything it takes to uncover every bit of evidence to paint a clear picture of exactly how and why this tragedy occurred."

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