Friday, December 7, 2012

False CPS Allegations, Endangering Children




  • Target: Justice Wil Schroder Frankfort, Ky.  Representative Jimmie Lee (D)
  • Sponsored by: Myranda's Mother
Each year thousands of children are removed from caring homes and placed in foster care where many children are abused and neglected, even die.
CPS (Child Protective Services) can enter your home, remove a child on just hear say, and keep your child for as long as they like.
You, as the parent have very few rights, and most the time are given a court appointed Attorney that in most cases won't fight to get your child back.
CPS can lie and slap you with false accusations, build a case against you that is based on lies and blown up misc. material. Two dirty dishes in your sink turns into a "sink full of dirty dishes" and so on.


You have no say where your child goes and it could be weeks-months before you get visitation rights. Most times you don't even know where your child is.
CPS can check into your past, make you take blood tests, call your friends and family and twist words around to make you look bad.


CPS job is to paint an ugly picture of 

you no matter how good of a parent you are. They can even take away your parental rights if they so chose without your permission.
CPS can lie to you, the judge and the Attorney. They can do basically whatever they want to do against 

you, to win their case in court while you, the parent has very little if none at all representation.
The real victim? The child. Stop this now so families can stay together. Stop CPS from rail-roading whoever they chose whenever they chose. Make CPS stop the lies and false accusations.
Tell CPS that they have to see bruises first (abuse) and have to prove neglect is present, and that the child is indeed in danger before they can remove 

and keep the child away from their families.
Make the courts appoint Attorneys that actually care. Your Attorney can and most the time will, talk to the CPS case worker that took your child, telling them what you and he or (she) talk about in supposed confidence.
CPS has the right to take away your parental rights totally after one year if the child is not returned to your home after that year is over, please.. tell the Judge that this is not right. That CPS has too much power while the child's parents are left helpless.
Keep court dates recent and not months down the road, we have the right to a speedy trial.
Did you also know that Foster parents make 3x's more per month when they get foster children then do the birth parents when on State Aide? And that Case Workers from CPS get a bonus from removing children from their homes? (My understanding) The State will give more to the foster parents then the real parents each month for a year... does that seem right to you? No wonder so many families are having financial problems. 

The State is geared more toward foster care then keeping the original families together. Why would a stranger ger paid more than what I make in one month to take care of my child when if I made as much as foster families did I could better raise my child in the first place. My child has to be placed in foster care in order to get more money per month? There's something wrong with that.
Help bring Myranda home please. I have no other family, I am all that she's ever known. Please read the link above for more info about CPS removing children from perfectly good homes.
Children this age have no say, they are the real victims. My daughter loves me and she's old enough to know the difference. This is her, in her crib at home with me. She's not abused, not by me.
We go to court, alone. Up against the case worker, the father even has a representative even though he wasn't there. And a representative for the child but she teams with the case worker. They even have their own Attorney, so we the accused parents are up against 4 workers and the Hardin C. Attorney's Office, 

so that makes 5 workers that don't know you from Adam saying that you're a bad parent.
A case is built against the parents even though entry into the home isn't even made. A "case file" is built out of more "MYTH" than fiction and the judge actually listens to this, bases a ruling on little to no viable evidence at all.
Stop CPS from being able to base cases on little or no viable proof. They can go on hear-say or even 

"make things up" and "add-to" what you said to make you look bad. CPS has to come up with good reasons to have your child, and in order to make themselves look good they will write anything in your file, and I mean anything.
Bring our children home, please. Where they belong. Not with a "Total stranger”

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