Are you looking for a cps defense lawyer? 

  1. jasmine says:
    I still don’t see a list of attorneys that take this kind of cases, can someone send me a link?
    • Jasmine – here’s my somewhat disorganized list of lawyers… I keep meaning to replace that page with a more useful and organized way of finding family law attorneys who want to work on CPS cases… and started the project but don’t have it ready yet. Sorry… you will have to use your browser’s search function to search for the name of your state.
      Keep in mind that I don’t make referrals or recommendations on the efficacy of any lawyers…
  2. Norma says:
    I was on family maintenance and still getting drug patches on and working an after care drug program. I got two false positive drug patches so now because of that I got my kids removed again. Only god and I know I’m not using drugs I’m also pregnant and due next month and will have my newborn removed, I’m willing to take a hair follicle teat but unsure if they’ll take it into consideation.
    • Juliet says:
      Hi Norma,
      Same exact situation. I mean exact. I did take a hair follicle test paid for it myself $100 to prove I was clean, but it didn’t matter. Matter of fact the investigative social worker stood up in court and said it didn’t matter. The judge disagreed with her on record. But truthfully it didn’t matter. I even had to take another but the county wanted to pay for it, as to insinuate I rigged the first one. I ended losing my PR the judge’s final statement was even though he disagreed with the way CPS handled things he just doesn’t know if I’m sober so he took her from me. I’m sorry I know how your feeling. I’m sorry for the pain I just caused.
    • Juliet says:
      But Norma in my opinion still do it.Remember every case is different. Have your attorney suggest that is what you want 1) County will pay for it & send you to their lab. 2) You won’t have to do it twice (they take a good chunk of hair) 3)To have on record & for yourself!
      I truly hope you the best.
  3. Heather says:
    Hello my name is Heather and from may of 2011 to february of 2014 my case was active my kids were take in may of 2011 because i left a bruise on my youngest child i have not denied that i was wrong in any way in fact 10 months before this unfortunate incident i called cps on myself (one of the hardest things i had ever done) but i knew we needed help but all i was offered was traditional counseling (which we did with no success) my kids were taken and the only thing they could say is WE ARE HERE TO HELP!! Throughout my case i had 4 seperate attorneys the last attorney i had i call my angle she told me that she had recieved a phone call from the state assistant attorney general asking her to take my case and she did which meant i was no longer being puched around by the system and my youngest daughter was FINALY sent for the evaluations that were needed in order for my family to move on as a result of those evaluations it was determined that my daughter has sleep apnea (no medical care for this was suaght till my girls were regurned to me) in the midst of all this before my girls were taken my youngest daughter had been diagnosed with ADHD and was put on medication which helped a little. Within days of being placed in care my daughter was taken off her meds and i was told flat out i was a bad parent for putting her on the medication but i and the teachers could see areas of improvment but according to the state and the foster family said she didnt need the medication because she did NOT have ADHD!! BUT they turned around and signed her up for social security under those exact pretenses there is so VERY much more to my story and paperwork and emails to back up all i have to say even the fact that my youngest daughter braught forth sexual abuse alligations that were DELIBERATLY swept under the rug by the foster mom who is also a THIRD grade teacher 2 social workers and my daughters counselor now that i have my kids home with me i am looking for an lawyer to help me in the case i want to start against my local office for the ti.e i lost with my kids and the suffering i went through if u can help me please email me at heathert198133[at]gmal.com thank u for your time
  4. Jim says:
    Im seeking guidance on a lawyer that maybe able to help me file a case in Federal court against CPS in Virginia and DCF in Florida these agencies have destroyed my family and life as well as my career on false allegations. Please someone help?
    • Jim, I don’t know of any lawyers in those states. Try going to the courthouse you want to file in to look through the database for other cases filed against social services. Then call the lawyers who filed those cases to see if they’d be interested in meeting with you.
    • Valarie Russo says:
      I can help. My name is Valarie. I have a connection god led me to and if you call me I can lead you to as well. Please no email. Phone or text 3038868473
      • Felicia says:
        May 3rd 2012 my 2 year old daughter was taken from me because of an anonymous phone call that stated that I had sexually abused her. Mind you, I had just moved to Ohio a WEEK before with my fiance and didn’t know ANY body! Without investigating these claims they showed up at our house and took her that night. It’s been 2 years since then and they took her to Children’s hospital to get evaluated and nothing was wrong with her. I have done everything that they have asked me too without complaint, even we even went above and beyond what they asked of us and did services on our own outside of what they were asking me to do, and I STILL don’t have her back. I found out I was pregnant with twins only a couple of months before I had them I was terrified to tell children services that I was pregnant for fear of them taking the twins from us straight after birth. We anxiously waited for the hospitals social worker to get back to us after they were born to let us know if we could “take our kids home or not” we held our breath and thankfully we were able too. Now they are 7 months old and have been diagnosed with failure to thrive despite my efforts to feed them more and more in desperation to try and get them to gain some weight so that they could not take them from me. All to no avail. I spoke with a doctor about the fact that they eat just fine and I wasn’t sure why they weren’t gaining weight and she asked me if I was stressed/or depressed. I said of course I am, my child has been in the system for almost 2 years now wouldn’t you be? She said of course she would be, but the reason why she had asked that was because stress and a negative energy in the home can carry over to the babies they can sense when things are wrong and that I could feed them all day long but they can still be failure to thrive. My kids were admitted into the hospital 1/21/15 and are being discharged today. I was told that I needed to say my goodbyes to them and leave the floor that they are on because they were going into foster care until I could get myself taken care of. I believe that just because somebody is stressed out that it may take away from you being able to care for your children completely. If you don’t feel the best than you cannot provide your children with the best parenting that you can provide. I’m not denying that I have not had any time to take care of myself between pediatrician appointments, WIC appointments, back and forth between Children’s hospital for this or that I am bushed. You know people like to think that CPS is in place to protect children when in fact they are not, all they could care about is a paycheck and they abuse their power to take children away from their parents and tear families apart. If CPS cared about children then they wouldn’t have let my fiance who was in the system for 14 years be abused both physically, and sexually! They are a disgrace, and I fully believe that if we can get enough people together that we can overthrow them and make them spend our hard earned tax money and spend time on the kids who should actually get taken away from their parents like the crackatic across the street from me that has 6 kids and leaves them home alone all of the time, but NO they focus on people like us who love and care for our kids.
        • Felicia . . . What a tragedy! I am so sorry about both your daughter and the twins. I too believe we could change things if enough people were working to do it. Unfortunately, most people who think they want to participate in activism or advocacy will quit as soon as their cases end. I’ve seen that over and over during the time I’ve been doing this. I don’t know how to organize people into a cohesive movement, especially when parents just want to go back to normal, or they’re afraid to raise their voices to the point where CPS agents would notice them. Leonard Henderson (RIP) tried with AFRA . . . but the organization has been through a lot of difficulties and I don’t know what’s happening with it now. He died 1/1/15.
  5. Alanna says:
    My 14 year old son removed. DHS said we couldn’t attend shelter hearing or adjudication hearing.I was also never served or notified.They sent process to an address in another city. I’ve lived in my house for 3 years.Custody given to DHS. Just after,we get a new worker.the previous one “left the dept”.We have other children at home with us. Only 1 in custody. He was messing around and inappropriately acted like he was humping his 2 younger brothers. No sexual gratification or skin to skin.I was the one that reported it’ my 7 year old said hump and I didn’t want to ask or say the wrong thing in questioning’ so I called counselor who told me I had to report it.Both DHS workers have lied to me and court. It took months to get court papers from DHS.No service plan agreement, I didn’t even know what it was until 5 months into this. A few days ago, worker brings me a ridiculous service plan and coerces and intimidates me to sign. This is 1 year from shelter hearing.Recently realized DHS deceit.I finally got over fear started complaining to court and DHS’ but I think that may backfire. I’ve documented so much.No neglect or abuse against me. Son was found to need to be in CHINS. Can make payments or probono welcome!601two917two36 Mississippi
  6. nicole says:
    Is their anyone in Michigan that can help me.my daughter was removed vase on false allegations by cps
    • Valarie Russo says:
      I have a great connection. Im a cps parent too. God led me to a great connection. Please no email give me a call 3038868473
  7. TM says:
    Need of a lawyer asap i have a cps criminal case against me they took my baby boy who is only 6 weeks old and i need a lawyer who will fight for me because CPS violated at least 3 of my constitutional rights this is saddening me. i wont get to spend his very first holidays with him and i want him back!!!! ANYONE PLEASE HELP
  8. Clifford says:
    I need help asap in georgia no warrents and cps removed kids allegations are with wife not me and they bullied way in asked where warrant or court order said they did not need one…
    They got kids removed kids yesterday tbe 17th and want us in court 20th knowing i cant afford a lawyer..they also removed my 4 year old from school..I need help..please..in georgia…
  9. Sarah says:
    I need help in Phoenix Arizona. I have this case worker that is slandering mine and my husbands name I have been involved with them for over a year now and have not gotten anywhere. Just in the last week they changed me from reunification to severance and adoption when I have been active in all services and request… Help please!!
  10. Nichole says:
    I need an attorney for a lawsuit against Jasper County, MO DFS. They wrongfully removed my children in 2011 & I just lost my appeal. I am however a member of Cherokee Nation which should have let them intervein but DFS would not give them information & b/c I live in Missouri I can’t get an Indian Law Attorney. Please help me! I’m Begging!!! Could an attorney please contact me @ 417-3one2-four7three5…
  11. Ed says:
    I need to find a Lawyer in Montana that will bring a civil case against Billings CPS. I have been falsely accused of molesting my step daughter. They have no charges against me and are pursuing temporary custody for the next six months with nothing other than a vague story from our 11 year old because she was lashing out about being grounded. Now they have taken our three girls our youngest is only 15 months old and has health issues. I always thought that they had to be able to substantiate these claims? This is insane.
  12. Melanie says:
    Rachelle. I have almost the same story as y
    You. I would love talk to you. I am also in Michigan 989 915 7127 my name is Melanie
  13. terese says:
    Hi I am looking for a juvenile defense lawyer in Sacramento my kids were taken and I have done nothing wrong please contact me at 916-640-3548-5556780j
  14. Tori says:
    I am in need of a CPS defense lawyer in Bakersfield, CA. 9two5 389 7two38.
  15. Brian says:
    Hi I am in similar situations as the rest. I am not sure if there is a case against me or not in all honesty but I am receiving information from people I know that there is one and it is keeping me from seeing my daughter. if there is a lawyer that can get back to me I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. connie says:
    Need IDAHO attorney to fight CPS
    my grandson has a medical condition and wont eat so dr’s put him on feeding tube when he was about 6mths old, he is now 2 and still on it. CPS took my grandson away from his mom saying he is not thriving and put him in foster care.
    why they took him we don’t understand, she was living with her dad at the time and he don’t even understand why .. we don’t even know why he or I cant get our grandkid and why he has to be placed with a stranger….now they told my daughter (who has worked at YMCA for the past few years) they are putting her on the child abuse and neglect list for the next 10 years … so now they are threatening her job, her life, Our child.
    I NEED A LAWYER WHO WILL HELP GET THIS KID BACK TO HER OR RELITIVES AND OUT OF FOSTER CARE…or to at least help us understand whats going on….we are at a total loss and cps wont tell us anything, daughters court appointed lawyer don’t seem to be helping.
    SOAKED_N_BUBBLES at Yahoo dot com
  17. casey says:
    I am desperately in need of a affordable attorney in the Cleveland ohio area that can help me get my son back he was taken by cps when he was just 2 months old I am a young mother and I feel as tho they attack me and look down on me because I am young they are mean and rude and I only get to spend one day a week with him and it’s been 5 months only seeing my son once a week he doesn’t even know who I am I need help an attorney around cleveland area who is familiar with cps and can help me please I’m loosing all hopes they will be putting him up for adoption in December please help
  18. Gigi ruiz says:
    Hi I’m Gigi I’m looking for attorney reasons why my daughter was getting bullied and school didn’t do nothing bout it when the school call cps I had cps two 
    1. time I fight my right now this time they want to tato take me to court I move to other city to change my life and for them to come back I have my life straight I have a house a car and a job I need a attorney asap 3614623282 I live in corpus Christi TX plz I lost my nephews and niece Cuz of them
    2. mellisa says:
      Help getting my grandchildren back from caps taken because of a no contact order from parole from my boyfriend and myself
    3. Ivy says:
      Elmira, NY here
      I’ve had a long history with c.p.s. and then for nine years they were dormat and then 2012 was crazy they took all 7 of my kids and it’s been almost 2 years of still fighting and just going through it. I need help I’ve had to surrender my rights to five of my children I have 3 left i’m fighting for but since I have no family really c.p.s. is getting over on me and I just don’t wish to lose anymore of my kids and need an attorney for me not just taking it with the team. I hope someone can help me.
      I need an attorney to look into my case I know c.p.s. has taunted and ruined my name and reputation as a human being let alone a parent beyond repair and that’s why I need help to reunite with my kids they are all the family I have or need…
    4. Tony says:
      My CPS case it’s based in Texas.
      I’m looking to talk to a lawyer about my cps case. Cps got involved because of my past. Did a home visit, we complied with everything, our house was in order, everything was good until my 5 yr old daughter told a case worker my wife and i smoke marijuana. We where given a mouth swab and passed. Now they want to investigate and wanted to keep ME away from my children without supervision. I refused but I know they’ll be back. I need some help.Fyi, we did smoke, NEVER in front of her but she loves Pineapple Express, the movie. But we have since quite.
    5. Jammie says:
      I live in Merced Ca and have been battling CPS here off and on for about 5 years. Recently CPS took my 3rd son 2 weeks after he was born. They claimed Im too sick to care for a new born and my son might be abused because Im sick. I have Breast Cancer. Since CPS took him the reason has changed 3 times. Now they cut my visits way down. I dont have much time left and I cant bare to think that my Husband will loose me and his first born at the same time. I dont understand what the problem is and y i cant get them to tell me what im doing wrong. please help me.
    6. Princess says:
      They lied I have recorded proof they sent my kids to the absent doner who’s 13 year behind in child support with vehicular assault I his own children. I need an attorney that’s not afraid to call these people out. Located in cuyahoga county 919438two six 45
    7. George says:
      I need help CPS took my children after two months of harassment and the Sheriff’s department did not serve me for the first court case and convieniently called me the day after my mother died to tell me I was missing the court date and would I mind coming right then anyway. I need a lawyer but I’m poor. I need help
      Destraught in Texas
    8. N.M. says:
      URGENT Please help us get our nephews from CPS CA., El Dorado County. They are violating our rights as well as the children. We are seeking legal Council for a RE-HEARING. We are the only Family members who are able to take them as the parents have not stuck to the Case workers plan to keep parental rights. Blessing to all of you and Thank you Linda! And yes, CPS does google all they submitted our FB page that had a go fund me post trying to get donations for an attorney like that was a terrible thing!
    9. H. E. says:
      Looking for lawyer for help with cps
    10. Holli says:
      I am looking for a lawyer against cps in wisconsin (marathon county). Also if possible against Marshfield clinic preferrably against a specialist and dietician. These 3 people are constantly harassing, threatening, and bullying me and treating me and my son like complete garbage.Always saying one thing to one but change the story to me or vice versa. They are saying I am medically abusing my 4.5 yr old son who supposedly has PKU (which he never had ANY signs of). And keep constantly threatening to rip him from me and place him in foster care, in which he will be regressing. ( Father and I have learning disabilities.) They also keep threatening me with the it’s all your fault for everything bs. I need help. This is not good for my depression at all.
      • Holli, if possible, talk to an attorney. Get all instructions from the doctors in writing. Collect documentation. I don’t know if it would be good to change doctors; sometimes a doctor will call CPS just because of that. Are there any other clinics you might get help from?
        • Holli says:
          They told me before that I could go to other clinics, for opinions. However I already made 2 reports against this dr. He is also refusing to fill some paperwork out that I need for my w-2. I do know of any attorney here that deals with my situation. Would you happen to have a list of attornies in wisconsin? Cause this dr is not family friendly dr and I can’t parent with his threats along with the threats from the social service worker. They are saying him being sick and his levels are all my fault. Everything again is my fault when I did nothing wrong.
          • Sorry, I don’t know any Wisconsin lawyers. Can anyone here suggest a good one? I am praying for you, Holli… to find the best lawyer to help you, and for solutions to the problem with the doctor.
            • Holli says:
              So I talked to the cps supervisor and she blantly acted the exact way her worker did and denied my request to put a new worker on my son’s case. Come to find out the worker is FALSELY writing reports and putting words into my 4.5 yr old son’s mouth HE HAD NEVER SAID. I was standing right next to him too. I really need a lawyer here because they are going with my abusive lying ex-husband’s word. My ex had even admitted to medically abusing my special need’s son (PKU) by giving him meals not in the PKU diet
        • tanya says:
          I also need attorney to help fight cps in langlade county my children were removed in 2010 n returned in 2012 but my case only ended like 6 months ago and the keep coming back with false reports
    11. Stephanie says:
      I am in need of a defense attorney in Kentucky to help me fight DCFS in Pendleton County.
    12. Lisa says:
      Hi My problem is a tad bit different but need help I had just purchased my home on sept 7th 2014 and was called by cps on sept 28th asking to take in my sisters 3 boy’s.. we informed them we used all our fund’s on our new home and had none to take the kids in and support them. they informed us they would take care of there support not to worry just apply at the nearest DHS office. we did and were denied. we contacted them several times and they continued to tell us to keep applying we did so for 3 month’s during witch I had to feed and cloth’s these children though food banks and help from stranger’s off of the internet [ bless macomb county free stuff on face book for all there help] finally I called the governor’s office in Lansing Michigan and they informed me that all of the children were receiving SSD and some one was cashing the check’s. we went to the social security office and found that the parent’s were still collecting there check’s for 3 month’s we had them switch over to us BUT this was not our job dhs was responsible for the care and welfare of these children and turned there back’s on them with no concern..in my opinion they removed them from one situation and stuck them into another after we informed them we had nothing to provide in the first place..thank you Lisa
    13. Tiffany says:
      Shasta Co. California
      I am in desperate need of from help with my C.P.S. case. I have had my children removed, two of which we’re placed with their fatherfather and two of which are in foster care and are being placed on a website to be adopted out by complete strangers because ny utilities were shut off for a short period of time And also because I failed part of a class I was not court ordered to take, I did it on my own because I knew it would helpful because I was gonna have two toddlers running around. I made a very good safety plan when my utilities were shut off and went to a friends house and C.P.S. refuses to take that into consideration. I have until June to fight this and stop the adoption processes so if there is someone who can help me that would be Amazing. I also lost my home when C.P.S. removed my kids because without Them I was no long elegable to live in my apartment. Thank you for your time and consideration
    14. Josh says:
      Need a lawyer because social worker calling dcs with false statements located in TN cell 4234385208
    15. K.E. says:
      Hi! I’m in need of an attorney who services Luzerne County in the state of PA. Thank you!
    16. allan says:
      SACRAMENTO, CA. My girl and I got in a heated argument while driving .I stopped at a fire station to ask for assistance because it was getting outta hand and my son was in tha car. Long story short cps has now had my son for 3 weeks. . No one was taken to jail or anything, I’ve never been involved with cps I am an exfellion,plus we where staying with my uncle while looking for a place just moved hear, they said it was child abuse. … please someone help my son he’s only 15 months old and Is so lost every time we leave are visits 91six6seven8two53three.
    17. Sade says:
      I have been dealing with GA DFCS for the last few years. They always call me with some bogus allegations, go to my children’s school and question them, pop up at my house and ask me all these stupid questions and then call my family and friends to find out what kind of mother I am. I love my children and I work hard to provide for them and make sure they have everything they need (I’m a single Mom with two jobs).
      I recieved another call from DFCS this past Thursday and the case worker was rude and disrespectful when I told her that I was tired of DFCS intruding into my children and I lives for no reason. My children are still with me and haven’t been removed. I am just curious about what rights I have as a mother because this is getting out of control. Please text or call me at 678-629-7462 if you have any helpful information. Thank you.
    18. http://fightcps.com/2014/04/02/are-you-looking-for-a-cps-defense-lawyer-april-2014/

Please Make Note

Please make note that I, Jessica Lynn Hepner the creator of What Every Parent Should Know, is not giving legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I am giving you knowledge via first hand experiences.

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