Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Police again pick up children of 'free range' parents

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4:53 AM, Apr 14, 2015

10:53 AM, Apr 14, 2015


SILVER SPRING, MD - A mother in suburban Washington, D.C., says it's "beyond ridiculous."
Danielle Meitiv is talking about the actions of police who, for the second time in four months, yesterday picked up her six-and-ten-year-old children as they walked home alone from a park that is nearly a mile from their house.

This time, instead of bringing the children home, police took them directly to Child Protective Services.
Meitiv and her husband, Alexander, believe in "free-range" parenting, which includes letting their children play and walk alone in the neighborhood to teach them self-reliance and responsibility. She says, "The world is safer today, and yet we imprison our children inside and wonder why they're obese and have no focus."
Danielle Meitiv says she and her husband started worrying yesterday when the kids weren't home by 6:30 -- a half hour after they were told to be home. But she says Child Protective Services didn't call them until 8 p.m. to say the children were in their custody.
As they did in December after the first incident, the couple had to sign a temporary safety plan saying their children would be supervised at all times until a follow-up visit.
Police say a decision will be made later about whether any charges will be filed against the couple.

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