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Get Your Kids Back From CPS…

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There is new hope of children being returned to the loving families they were removed from.

Alex Hill - 2 yr. old in Texas murdered by foster parent.

Alex Hill - 2 yr. old in Texas murdered by foster parent. /Houston Press

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Are you one of the many thousands of parents/relatives that lost a child/ren to the evil Child Protective Service (CPS) and Family Court system? One of the many parents/relatives who do not understand what happened or how you lost your child/ren in a nation such as America?

You are not alone, tens of thousands of loving parents/relatives have gone before you and if something is not done, will continue to go after you. Child Protective Service is a business of bringing federal funds from Social Security Title IV into each state to help support it, through the legal kidnapping of children. This must change!

There is new hope to regain the child/ren you were wrongly accused of doing harm to. The National Liberty Alliance is filing a national lawsuit against CPS. Following is information to get you started. There are only three simple forms to fill out and there is no cost to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

This is your invitation to join a national lawsuit against Child Protective Service

The national organization NATIONAL LIBERTY ALLIANCE (NLA) is presently setting up Common Law Grand Juries nationwide. In order to save America and take back our nation by the people.

NLA is also filing a national lawsuit against CPS. This lawsuit is just starting and will be filed shortly. If your case is in progress or it is over, does not matter. The lawsuit will be filed in almost every Federal District Court in the nation. The lawsuit will have a demand to immediately return children to their families via Habeus Corpus. The lawsuit will not take a long time, as common law is very different from statutory law which is presently used in our courts.

The lawsuit also addresses the fact that there needs to be compensation to the children and their families. Not because money is important, but to help curtail the abuse of families by CPS and family courts. This compensation will probably be one million per year that the child has been gone.

Go to the NLA website at and click on the first page link which addresses the CPS lawsuit. It will take you to the lawsuit paperwork and instructions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me or ask them during any NLA conference call. Info for the conference calls is on the lawsuit page and below. The paperwork consists of an application, an affidavit and a power of attorney. The power of attorney deals only with the lawsuit in order to represent you in the lawsuit. The information at the top of the affidavit will be given to you (by your Intake Receptionist) once the paperwork is filled out.

Information regarding NLA conference calls is as follows:

Sundays (9 PM EST).....This call is for the CPS lawsuit only.

There is a wealth of information on the NLA website to teach Common Law and learn the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is there for you to educate yourself, if you desire. However the only thing required to be involved in the CPS lawsuit, is to become a member of the NLA. This is a free membership and requires nothing from you, except that hopefully you will learn about due process in our courts. It is your choice whether to educate yourself from the website.

The number to call is: 712.775.7035 with pin number 378237#.

People nationwide are filing their cases to bring the children home very soon!

Mondays (9 PM EST).....This is the regular Common Law Grand Jury call. However, the CPS lawsuit is almost always mentioned during the conference call. The duration of the call is three hours with the last two hours being Q and A.

The call begins with a song and scripture reading. So do not think you are on the wrong call during the first few minutes.

The number to call is: 605.562.3140 with pin number 385698#.

Thank you,

Sally Borghese

Michigan Intake Receptionist for the CPS lawsuit.


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