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9 At-Home Methods To Detox Marijuana From The Body

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While we here at Lifehack do not encourage marijuana usage, we understand that if you have indulged, you may want to cleanse yourself after the fact. The process of cleansing the body of drugs (like marijuana) is called detoxing. There are several reasons for doing this, but the outcome is the same and will lead to an overall healthier body. It can take anywhere from several days to several weeks to successfully detox, so plan accordingly if you have a deadline.

1. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol will speed up the detox process because it will encourage more fluid to leave the body. One or two beers or glasses of wine per day leading up to a drug test will be sufficient. The alcohol will likely show up in your test, so make sure that will be okay. This will get rid of the THC that is in the bloodstream and not the THC that has made its way into your fat cells.

2. Creatine

This product is available over the counter at many supplement stores, and it works to speed up the flushing process. It may also mask the fact that urine is diluted from drinking water in so much excess. The individual’s size depends on how much they will take in, but in many cases, people take about 100 mg per day for two to three days leading up to the deadline for a detox.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is an acid, which helps to break down the digestive system and rid the body of toxins such as THC. Many people combine the vinegar with a smaller amount of cayenne pepper or lemon juice in order to mask the taste. A few servings of vinegar should be consumed in the days leading up to the deadline for the detox—but know that consuming vinegar like this will change the pH levels in the body, and can be harmful to the body when consumed in large amounts.

4. Drinking Water

Increasing your daily intake of water will accelerate your urination, and help to remove toxins in the body much quicker. To rid the body of marijuana, it is recommended to drink at least one gallon of pure water a day for seven days in portions of three cups through the day. Other liquids can work, but plain pure water works the best.

5. Aspirin

It is recommended to take two to four aspirin four to six hours before a drug test. The aspirin absorbs chemicals as they are exiting your body, allowing it to take in much of the metabolites prior to them getting into the urine sample. Larger doses can make you lightheaded, but it will sway the results of a drug test in the right direction so THC will not be detected.

6. Cranberry Juice

There are natural ingredients in cranberries that will naturally flush the body of toxins like sodium and excess water. It is a natural diuretic but is not the most effective when used as the only method for a detox. It is recommended to drink at minimum two large glasses of cranberry juice per day, two to three days leading up to the deadline for the detox, and it will not be detectable in a test.

7. Green Tea

One of the best herbal detoxifiers, green tea compounds are supportive of the liver when the body is detoxifying itself from chemical substances or for just regular elimination. Green tea is great for your overall health and detox process, but may not help with the actual time that it takes the body to detox from THC.

8. Sauna

Sweat out the marijuana leftovers along with other toxins in a sauna. Though this gets rid of them in a lesser extent than feces or urine does. Anything that makes you sweat, especially a sauna, will help you to achieve the detox.

9. Intensive Workout

THC is stored in fat cells, and it is believed that burning fat can rid the body of the THC that is stored in fat cells. Try rigorous aerobic exercise like speed walking or jogging, swimming laps, or cycling. This is one of the most effective ways to naturally detox the body, and it will also improve your overall health.

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