1.  Against Her Will


2.Court ordered removal of Evelyn to the nearest hospital


3. Adult Protective Services, Probate court + a wannabe Guardian try 'ordering' Evelyn


4. Conservator not needed


Court ordered removal of Evelyn to the nearest hospital


County Grand Jury dot Org to hear deceased Evelyn Schwartz complaint.wmv


Eve has a home & a brain,'They are breaking me down'


Eve continues..."I Need Dean"


Uploaded on Dec 18, 2009

This was made on 11/20, the day Eve found out about the court order to remove her to a hosp. We didn't put it up prior, however there now have been over 10,000 views on our videos and 60
uploads -videos made of this subject, so now I am sharing this as well.
We didn't want to make this about Dean, yet from the start the probate gang has done just that.
Eve's (who is still being captive nursing home - next court date is 1/07) love & respect for him shows thru here, and it is all due to his good care of her for nearly 14 years. The things that have happened to remove Dean out of the picture, lies told, and now trumped up criminal charges.
Dean had a (for 2 months) live-in g/f who he had known for over a yr. - a 53 yr old Russian who we now find out didn't have a green card. Ozada came home drunk & cursing..Dean told her he wasn't having this in front of Evelyn and tore up the marriage license. She hit him in the forehead with a TV remote control, he bleeds, as he is coming out of the bathroom, she tried kicking him in his privates. He puts up his leg to protect that area, her kick hits his shin, and she falls and breaks her ankle in two places. Short story, he was arrested, charged with felonious assault, bonds out of jail after 4 days. Linda and I took care of Eve at her home those 4 days, around the clock. Just Wednesday we find he was indicted for added bogus charges, domestic violence, kidnapping and possession of a gun under a disability. Man, first, he never caused this, and those charges added?? Shocking!
When he was bond out he was also restricted by a TPO not to go to his home, even tho O didn't live there now. To this day - I am going into detail here to show at what lengths are being taken to remove Dean from the picture.
Not only is Evelyn spending a small fortune in legal fees to get her out of this "MESS" they are using this event of 11/13 w/Ozada to trump up charges. Dean will be forced to use a public defender....unless someone reading this has any ideas? Pro bono offer of assistance?
We have no idea where the kidnapping charge came from either. When Dean engaged the police to escort him to his house so he could get some of his clothes and stuff, 2 cops were there illegally searching his kitchen while he was in his b/room bagging his clothes.
His friend Gary went to the p/dep the next day to claim his gun (found up in the cold air return-out of sight) that he had left there over 1 1/2 yrs ago. They wouldn't give it to him because when he told them he purchased it at a gun show and didn't have the serial numbers......cops also went in Dean's freezer too....no warrant yet removed stuff from his home. I called the FBI yesterday, leaving a complaint about these outrageous actions. To investigate the Mayfield Heights police dept.
Anyone wanting details that might be able to offer assistance, please, PLEASE email me. Or
Evelyn S. C/O Dean Marinpietri
PO Box 24524


Please Make Note

Please make note that I, Jessica Lynn Hepner the creator of What Every Parent Should Know, is not giving legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I am giving you knowledge via first hand experiences.

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Save A Life by Angie Kassabie
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