Tuesday, August 19, 2014

“I Do Not Consent”

93-year old Evelyn Schwartz says, “I do not consent.” while Cuyahoga County Adult Protective Services tries to take her freedom and her home

Evelyn is fighting for her liberty against Adult Protective Services (APS). She did not ask for this unwarranted intrusion into her life. In fact she refused them.
Her physician of 29-years confirms that Evelyn, despite her age, is competent and does not need a guardian or protective care. APS is determined, in the face of no supporting evidence of their claims, to move forward to take control over Evelyn’s person and estate. If APS is successful Evelyn will be taken out of the comfort and security of her home that costs her practically nothing to be placed forcefully in an adult care facility consisting of one small room that will cost between $3000 and $7,000 monthly and give the guardian a plausible excuse to ravage her life savings and sell her home to pay for. This is what Evelyn does not consent to.
For the past 15-years, Evelyn has had a live-in caregiver who she has been pleased with for nearly 15 years. Evelyn will be the first to tell you that she enjoys excellent care and Dean’s home cooking all these years which has contributed to her good health that is confirmed by her physician. Years ago, Evelyn put into place a Living Will with an Executrix and Power of Attorney to administer her remaining affairs upon her death. Several friends who care about her and for her surround Evelyn. Evidenced by this notice.
Problems with APS began almost one-year ago when Evelyn’s care-giver suffered a heart attack. Between a couple of Mayfield police officers, a social worker and a governmental system Evelyn found herself caught up “in the system” with a myriad of APS staffers intruding into her life and going so far as to have her made a ward of the court in a hearing fraught with lies, misstatements and innuendos. Evelyn has terminated this attorney who was not protecting Evelyn, but in fact, was swiftly ushering Evelyn through the system – on her way to being placed into an assisted-living facility under the care custody and control of the state and against her will.

A court case is still pending. Evelyn and friends hope that media will bring attention to Evelyn’s plight and the untruthful, over-stepping by Adult Protective Services. The Internet shows that similar situations are happening to the elderly homeowners across the United States. Evelyn Needs your help now. Shine a bright light on this one.


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