Tuesday, January 8, 2008


You have the right to remain silent.You have the right to have a lawyer present during questioning. You have the right to demand a Search WarrantUse them! If they are going to CRUCIFY YOU ANYWAY, why HELP THEM build their bogus case against you?
Kids are denied their Rights TOO!!
What is a Constitutional Right?
American Constitutional Rights were the basis for the Basic Human Rights adopted by the United Nations (except the UN Rights are NOT UNALIENABLE endowments from THE CREATOR)
One of the first things a wicked government does when it takes over is violate or suspend the rights of the people against government.

We believe it is VITALLY IMPORTANT for the Rights guaranteed by the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States to apply to people accused and investigated for child abuse.
Real Child Abuse IS A CRIME and MUST be re-criminalized. Thus, the "Accused" would have rights and protections, especially the FALSELY ACCUSED.
Abuse DEFINITIONS must be narrowed to REAL PHYSICAL (not welts or "red marks" from SPANKING) or REAL SEXUAL ABUSE (not the COMMON divorce-related accusation).
Allegations of "Mental Abuse" or "Mental Injury", "Neglect", and "Threat of Harm" should be discarded as the "Snake Oil" frauds they are.
Mandated Reporting laws should be STRICKEN from the books, or at least modified to allow the professional's "personal judgment" not to report every skinned knee under threat of losing his professional credentials.
Child Abuse allegations must be PROFESSIONALLY investigated by POLICE as to whether a CRIME has been committed. When child abuse investigations are conducted by people whose main goal is to dig up dirt on a family and preach their own opinions about child discipline, and desire for every family to be in "therapy," you end up with a mess.
SOCIAL AGENCIES must be STRIPPED of their "police-and-punish" TERRORIST POWER. Social workers, psychologists, and physicians who have committed treasonable acts against American citizens by denying their Civil Rights and providing PERJURIOUS testimony, should be SUED BACK TO THE STONE AGE, and stripped of any credentials to operate in any related field other than cleaning toilets.
CONTRACT Psychologists, psychiatrists, and so-called "mental health clinicians" MUST be taken out of the formula ENTIRELY. They certainly should NOT provide input to an investigation, and ANYTHING they say should be regarded as a complete fabrication. They have earned no credibility whatsoever for their SUBJECTIVE OPINIONS based on the politics of experiments in Social Engineering.
The Falsely Accused should have the right to LEGAL REMEDIES, including the right to sue and recover SUBSTANTIAL monetary loss and punitive damages from the STATE and it's actors, and including locally- published PUBLIC APOLOGY and re-instatement of the falsely accused's honor by the STATE.
Malicious FALSE REPORTERS must face SEVERE fines and imprisonment.

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