Monday, January 14, 2013

Child Protective Services Statistics

Stephanie Johnson, KOLD News Producer

Statistics from Child Protective Services show that more than a fourth of all substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect in Arizona occurred in Pima County.  Of the more than a thousand substantiated reports of alleged abuse or neglect the agency received from October 1st of last year through March 31st of this year, 297 came from Pima County.  That's 27 and a half percent.

State Representative Peter Hershberger said there is a way to solve the problems. It starts with spending more money on social programs, including those for substance abuse or new mothers.  Hershberger said the goal is to keep families and children out of the state system and to keep kids from getting neglected or abused.

CPS had nearly 10,000 children in state custody and "out-of-home" care throughout Arizona during the most recent reporting period.

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