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POLICE: Dad admits to abusing 7-week-old twins, one dead



Posted: Jan 23, 2013 2:02 PM Updated: Jan 24, 2013 7:26 AM

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The Huntersville Police Department arrested a man for child abuse after his 7-week-old child died and the infant's twin was also hurt.
Investigators responded to a home on Rolling Meadows Lane January 17th for a call about an unresponsive child.
Huntersville Police tell WBTV an officer performed CPR on the infant, but was unsuccessful.
The 7-week-old child was pronounced dead at the home.

"Any death of an infant is traumatizing to everyone involved," said Huntersville Police Captain Barry Graham. "Parents, grandparents, police who respond. It's a very life altering event that people go through. Adding that there were signs of physical abuse, it is harder to deal with."
Officials say an investigation showed the child had been abused previously. An autopsy documented serious injuries, but the Medical Examiner has not yet determined a cause of death.
The following day, officers and Medic responded to a Pediatrician's Office in Huntersville. There, they discovered the 7-week-old's twin sister with serious injuries.
The baby girl was taken to Presbyterian Hemby Children's Emergency Department in Charlotte where medical staff determined the girl was also a victim of abuse.

WBTV has learned the baby girl sustained serious injuries, but she is expected to survive. She has been released from the hospital. Investigators say she is safe.
Officers with the Huntersville Police Department arrested the father of the twins, 25-year-old Cory Allen Geisler.
He is charged with two counts of Child Abuse Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury - one count for each twin. He is in custody.
Investigators say Geisler did admit to abusing both babies.

Rob Kidwell lives a few houses down from Geisler and is vice president of the neighborhood homeowners association. He said he never noticed anything unusual at Geisler's home.

"Seemed like a nice family," said Kidwell. "They'd be out playing with their older daughter out in the street, riding their bikes, tossing the frisbee now and then. Nothing out of the ordinary."

Kidwell said Geisler and his girlfriend, the mother of the twins, were renters. On Wednesday evening, a moving truck was in the driveway and friends and family were emptying out the house.
Geisler is not charged with the death of his 7-week-old boy because a cause of death has not yet been determined. The investigation is ongoing.
The mother of the twins is not facing any charges. Investigators say a nine-year-old girl also lives in the home. She did not show any signs of abuse.

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